No disgrace in losing to Chelsea, but…

(actual date of posting – 18 December)

Match seventeen – vs Chelsea (home)

Lost 0-1

16.7 miles

Total mileage – 3716.6


A foggy Saturday lunchtime/early afternoon in South London.  A second home game in four days.  Both on TV; both against one of the country’s richest clubs; and both ending in narrow defeat.  As with Wednesday’s defeat, it was a creditable but fruitless performance.  Unlike on Wednesday, we couldn’t blame refereeing decisions: the only goal coming from a sadly all too common moment of indecision from Palace goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey.  Alas, creditable performances and narrow defeats against the big teams don’t get you anywhere, especially if you can’t beat the teams around you in the relegation battle.  Four points from the last ten games is relegation form: something needs to change very soon or Palace’s stay in the top flight will be coming to an end.

The main plus for me of the day was the opportunity to catch up with some friends over a drink, including one who lives in Abu Dhabi but is back in England for Christmas.  The only cycling drama was cycling half a mile to a post-match pub to find I’d lost my keys.  I cycled back to the ground to see if I’d dropped them when unlocking the bike.  I hadn’t.  It was only then that I found I’d put them in my back pocket with my wallet.  I never ever put my keys in my back pocket…

And finally, happy Christmas everybody.



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