And so the training begins…

… or not.

Yesterday was my last day at work.  I’m very excited about what the next year has in store, and was definitely ready for a change.  Nonetheless, after 25 years in the Civil Service, my last day in the office was bound to be weird and emotional.  I spent the best part of the day saying goodbye to friends and colleagues, including a number whom I have known for over half of my life.  It feels very strange knowing I will not be working with them any more.

Today, therefore, was the start of my pre-season training.  Except it wasn’t.  Instead, I had a lovely day with three year old Gilbert.  One of the challenges of the next three months will be finding enough opportunities to get out on the bike – without the ‘automatic’ 120 miles a week delivered by my daily commute and with the temptation just to spend time with the family.  Tomorrow we’re off camping in Kent for a night; and then Saturday is the FA Cup final – so training won’t be starting until Monday.  Unless I can claim Gilbert’s Puddle Ducks swimming lesson as ‘cross-training’…


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