Cycling isn’t the only way to get to matches

If cycling isn’t your thing, then there are other ways to get to Palace matches.  For the last game of the season at Southampton, the club organised a charter steam train to take fans to the match.  Here’s a picture of the train passing through Cheam station.


The engine was Lord Dowding, a member of the Battle of Britain Class and named after Air Chief Marshall Dowding who is credited with having played a crucial role in Britain’s aerial defence early in WWII.  It was the locomotive’s first public run after a 1½ year long overhaul and your first chance to see the engine on the main line, taking part in a unique and exciting event.

According to Icons of Steam this was the first steam hauled football excursion train in 49 years. The last took place on 26th December 1967 when a special ran from Carlisle to Blackpool!  Thanks to some more amazing research from Icons of Steam, apparently the last time Pakace organised a special excursion from London to Southampton was November 7th 1964. This was for a league division two match that CPFC won 1 – 0 – rather better than the 4-1 defeat yesterday.

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